Outpost Send / Receive Time Slots

Our digital packet-radio network operates at the best efficiency when stations take turns accessing the two bulletin-board systems on our AX.25 network.  To this end we have created time slots for sending and receiving traffic on the busy channels.

Outpost Packet Message Manager automates the Send/Receive operation.  This provides a method of spreading network activity to maximize bandwidth efficiency.  We created predefined time slots so stations are assigned to a specific channel-use time.

The Time Slot Name consists of two values separated by an underscore; example: 03_02.  The first value identifies how often, in minutes, Outpost commands a Send/Receive operation.  In the 03_02 example, Outpost Sends/Receives every three minutes.

The second value identifies which minute after the hour the first Send/Receive occurs.  Outpost repeats the Send/Receive operation by the interval denoted by the number of minutes in the first value.

In the 03_02 example, the Send/Receive is performed two minutes after the hour, and every three minutes.

Download the entire document on Outpost Send/Receive Time Slots